Live In The Living Room's Coronapolooza 3 is TOMORROW!

Live In The Living Room’s Coronapolooza 3 is TOMORROW! We’re kicking off with an event for Meningitis Now and then the Dementia event/memorial event will follow on Sunday. Running order for both days here;

Meningitis Day - Saturday 19th September

2-3, Becky Lawrence, Frankie Swain, Katie Whittaker, Alan Finlan 3-4 Andy Hughes, Rosso, Craig Gould, Savannah Jaine 4-5 Simon Clulo, Gareth Heesom, Scott Ashworth, Lauren Jane 5-6 (11am-12pm US time, 6-7pm CEST) Laura Beckwith, Charlotte Young, Kyle Elliott, Daniel Borge 6-7 (12-1pm US time) Ed Sparks, Eric & Jensen, Chloe Jones 7-8 (1-2pm US time) Danny McMahon, Mike Webb, Trey Ackerman, Molly-Anne 8-9 (2-3pm US time) Brandon Steadman, James Cook, Lockeland, Harriet Rose

Dementia Day - Sunday 20th September

2-3 Louise Parker, Dan Thomas, Mal MacWatt, Hannah Richards 3-4 Mairead, Brendan Cleary, Sandy McLelland, Daniel Jacklin 4-5 Adriana Spina, Lucy Blu, Owen Davies, Elliott Pritchard 5-6 Emily Faye, Beth Keeping, Andrew Jones, Poppy Fardell 6-7 Jonny Gray, Tommy Taylor, The Jackson Line, Biddy Ronelle 7-8 Tennessee Twin, Sam Coe, Gareth Nugent, The Rising 8-9 (2-3pm US time) Peter Donegan, Two Ways Home, Simon James, Halle Kearns

Please support and give what you can. Make sure don’t miss out on what will be an awesome event!