Live In The Living Room is a YouTube show which provides a platform for unsigned acts to promote themselves. The idea is that acts come in and perform acoustic tracks in my living room (or they film themselves in their own if they come from far away). It's kind of a homage to BBC Radio 1's 'Live Lounge', just with unsigned acts. The show was set up by me, James Vince on 30th May 2011 and it's an idea I honestly never thought would work, I mean, who would want to come play in my living room? How wrong I was...


To date, the show has 43 seasons and is known across the US with 'Live In The Living Room USA'. The show has also featured acts from across Europe and also Canada making it a truly international show. The show has now grown to become potentially the biggest unsigned music show (in terms of acts featured) in South East UK. Without the support of everyone that's appeared on the show, it never would have become the success it has so thanks to everyone for their support.


Live In The Living Room also does charity events around the UK and also in Texas and Nashville under the name 'Live In The Living Room Gives Back' and other pre-dominantly country Nashville style writers round shows in the UK under the name 'Live In the Living Room's Saturday Night Music Club' featuring acts from the show and also other acts. The YouTube show continues to grow and the events are becoming more successful so lets see what the future holds :)

Much love